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Jewelry Books

Diamond Ring Buying Guide by Renee Newman
Consumer-oriented book filled with useful information, drawings & pictures for 1st time diamond buyer.

Photo Masters of Diamond Grading by Gary Roskin
Photo Masters is a compilation of 244 extraordinary photomicrographs, suitable for students or experienced diamond graders.

Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds cost torture & death for Sierra Leone residents. Conflict Diamonds finance civil wars & terrorists, including al Qaeda.

Antique Price Guide

By Judith Miller, author of more than 80 books on antiques, including "How to Make Money Out of Antiques."

Diamond Facts

  • The largest Diamond ever found:
    Cullinan at 3,106 carats.
  • What is the hardest natural substance on Earth?
    The Diamond.
  • 80% of the world's diamonds are not suitable for Jewelry.
  • Is a Diamond Indestructible?
    No. The fact that Diamonds are a hard substance refers to their ability to withstand scratching. But that is different than toughness, which refers to the ability to withstand breaking or cleavage.
  • How old are most diamonds which are found in nature?
    1 billion to 3 billion years, by most accounts.
  • How do diamonds reach us?
    They are formed deep within the Earth's crust, and come to the surface via Volcanoes. Most diamonds are found in Kimberlite, which is volcanic rock.


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